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Volunteering in Heron Pond

We appreciate your interest in serving as a volunteer for our school! Volunteering in a school is an experience and a privilege for both the school and the volunteer. It is designed to promote and maintain a supportive relationship with the students, teachers, and school staff.
Please help keep our program running smoothly by following these guidelines:
  • Sign in at the office when you arrive at school.
  • Wear your volunteer name tag.
  • Sign out at the office when you leave.

As a volunteer, please ...
  • Respect confidences of student and school personnel.
  • Follow the guidelines established by the school such as dress code, hours of work, adult behavior, values and all regulations, rules, and policies stated for school employees and volunteers.
  • Use reasonable judgment in making decisions, then as soon as possible, consult with school staff for future guidance.
  • Be considerate, respect competencies and work as a member of the team with the staff and students. Realize that you do not have instructional, evaluation, decision-making or teaching responsibilities for students, but are expected to enrich and extend learning opportunities for students and promote educational excellence for the school system.