Dr. Mtimbri
I am absolutely delighted and honored to be the Principal of Heron Pond Elementary School with its broad vision ‘where deep learning and strong relationships empower ALL students to become designers of their own story’. My own education empowered me to do just that! Educated in Zimbabwe, majoring in Education, I’ve been fortunate to teach in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Morocco, Haiti, the UK and the US. Beyond teaching in a ‘normal organized school environment’, one of my highlights was educating disadvantaged children in the slums on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa.  Thereafter I moved to Morocco where I taught in a small private school that mostly educated British Expat students. Here in the US, yet another eye-opening and fulfilling opportunity was educating students with Special Needs with a focus on Emotional Disturbance and Childhood Development Disorders. Before coming to Heron Pond I had the wonderful opportunity of being an Assistant Principal focusing on Special Needs in the Concord School District. 

I have had the privilege to be trained and to teach in Montessori schools to try and understand how we can reach students who learn differently. An important aspect of Montessori being the way the child is viewed as central to the learning environment, emphasis on hands-on learning and the ideals of peace and kindness that are cherished. As a family, we have also been privileged to live in England for 6 years while I attended graduate school to learn about the impact of health on the education of terminally ill children.. The trauma that the children experience in such events present complexities that need to be continuously understood to better serve our students. As a Junior Fellow in Yale’s Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative,  together with other professionals, I am navigating trauma in students in the New England region. So little is understood as yet about the extent to which COVID has affected our students.

My wife, Laura, is a Charge Nurse in the Labor and Delivery Unit at Concord Hospital. Raymond, our eldest, is 13 years old and is in 9th grade at Trinity Christian School in Concord. Alex is 9 and is in 1st grade at the same school as his brother. Alfie is our 3  year old Labrador retriever.

Please take time to look through our website to learn about our talented staff and the student centered vision that is all encompassing to reach the individual needs of our students. 

~ Principal Siza Mtimbiri