Activities You Can Use

GamesThe following links and lists provides strategies, tips, ideas and other general games you can play with your child to encourage and develop their skills in social, academic, and physical domains. Many of these activities can be done in the car, on road trips, or while waiting in line at the checkout of a store. Other activities may involve the use of a deck of cards or dice. Playing together, talking together, and interacting are all excellent methods for learning and teaching. Enjoy.

Online Games & Activities

Apps You Can Try
The following apps were available at time of page creation. App developers continually create and update their products daily. We will attempt to post lists of apps that are free or of minimal cost to families. Please feel free to share with us the apps that work well for your student. We will provide updates periodically based upon your feedback.

Apple® Apps

  • Mathmateer Free! (previously called Rocket Math!)
  • Mathblaster
  • MathTappers Find  Sums
  • Everyday Mathematics® Addition Top-It
  • Everyday Mathematics® Moster Squeeze
  • FlashtoPass
  • Hungry Fish
  • Math 4-5
  • Multiplication Genius
  • DragonBox+
  • Instant Interactive™ Math Drill Lite
  • 10 Frame Fill by Classroom Focused Software
  • Number Sense by
  • Splash Math
  • Letter School by Boreaal (handwriting app)
  • Phonics Awareness
  • Reading Wonders iPad App

Android™ Apps

  • Mobiloids Kids Math
  • Math Practice Flash Cards
  • Design Your Software, Inc. ABC Slate Lite
  • 123sABCs Handwriting Fun Set 1
Family Resources

Memory and Mathematical Games

  • Othello
  • Connect Four
  • Qubic
  • Krypto
  • Kalah
  • Master Mind
  • Four Sight
  • Black Box
  • Mancala
  • Reckon
              • Card Games
              • Blink
              • Spit
              • Addition Top It
              • Multiplication Top It
              • Stratego
              • Number Safari
              • Pinball Wizard